No, it is not the horror movie about  the vengeful twins, nor Green Day’s most famous song in the 90s (though admittedly I am one of the Nimrods and Idiots).

Secret Basket Case is just another journal of a twenty-something girl who wants to record even the tiniest scrap of her  life during her time in Germany. Ebb and flow, ups and downs, friends and foes, Occidental and Oriental, fun and adventures, let’s see how things will go!

 As miscellaneous as this blog will be, I am a Vietnamese student currently doing my Master degree at Heidelberg, Germany, but working as a student videographer and illustrator.

I write stories, I interview people, I take photograph, I make movie,  and I wander. Everything I do, I just hope it will make me happy every single day. The world is just too awesome to get soaked in it!

Camera and lens used:


SELP 16-50

Helios 44-2 58 mm F/2

Pentacon 135 mm F/2.8


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