No more photo, but a song that has been stuck in my mind for nearly 3 days. When I worked, when I was on the train, when I cooked, when I read, even when I was half-asleep, the chorus still lingered around, reminding me of something vague I don’t even know. It is just there, haunts me by its melody.

It happens all the time. When I suddenly find connection with a random song, it is like I find a long lost friend, and we celebrate the reunion with an eternal feast by raping the replay button. I would do nothing, but staring at the ceiling, letting the song carry me to the land of only ours. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I giggle, sometimes I wonder what the hell is going on inside my mind, why I feel this way, why I think that way. Then I sleep. I dream. And the song will be there, like a theme song for a movie created in my imagination. I wake up. Smile utterly happy.

I am a creep, but you are also just a weirdo. We are all special. Or at least I wish we were.

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