Christmas light

Christmas market is an important part of German culture, and Heidelberg has an awesome Christmas market. Opened in nearly a month along Hauptstrasse, it is the good place for any photographer to get some festive spirit photos, of people smiling holding glühwein, of those tiny lovely decoration, of twinkle lights look like stars in the sky. When I went to the Christmas market’s opening last year, it was also the first and only snow of winter, which made this experience such a sweet memory.

Walking under the starry web of lights, I think about that Coldplay’s song.

Those Christmas lights light up the street
Down where the sea and city meet
May all your troubles soon be gone


First with the Christmas tree at SAP. There was a huge truck carrying the tree, and the crane, right on the day I started shooting the video


Hyoyin, my lovely friend in German class. She called me one Saturday morning and we decided to go out exploring the small lanes. I just loved all the vegetables, and she was too cute with them 🙂


Wurst time! It took me quite a long time taking this pic


Where am I bound
With my love and feelings


Those lovely lights!


I was taking pictures of the old man in front of the store, then I heard some people said: Nice, nice, good job. Those men smiled brightly and asked me if I needed help. They must have thought I was a tourist 🙂 Instead I offered to take their photo. Just broken English and broken German, but so warm in my heart.


Those Christmas lights light up the street
Maybe they’ll bring her back to me


Just a typical street corner


Tree! Tree!


Look at those bulbs!


Huge star


There seemed to have an important football game. At first I wanted to shoot the vine above, but then changed to these two men.

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