B n W

Normally, I rarely set my photos as black and white, somehow because I am more inclined to anything colorful.

Here are some photos of the children living in the remote village in Simacai, Lao Cai, Vietnam, taken while I was on the charity trip in 2013. Their tiny village was located in the middle of the mountainous area which cannot be accessed by any kind of transportation but human foot. All of them have never stepped out of their village. They belong to the H’Mong ethnic group in Northern Vietnam, speaking their own language and owning their own culture.

My sleeping beauty

We are sisters!

She barely understood a word I said


This is the first time they have seen that many strangers


Puppy eyes

Can I have more candy?

Here is a part of our project Go.See.Share, in an effort to improve life quality of children living in remote area in  Northern Vietnam.

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